Post-Operative Rehabilitation: What to Expect after Orthopedic Surgery

In cases of severe fractures, putting the injured part in a cast is not enough. First, the doctors at our Columbus spine and orthopedic clinic must perform surgery to make sure that the injured bone is set and will heal correctly. Understandably, most patients wonder how long it takes to heal. The process of post-operative rehabilitation after orthopedic surgery varies from case to case.

However, in this article, we will present the phases of rehabilitation after this type of medical procedure. First, let us explain what it means and why it is necessary.

What Is Post-Operative Rehabilitation?

Rehabilitation after surgery is a specific program for patients to help them make a full and faster recovery. It involves physical exercises, manual therapies, and other procedures to:

  • Manage post-surgery pain and inflammation
  • Rebuild strength in the body part that was operated on
  • Restore the patient’s full range of motions
  • Help with balance and coordination
  • Prevent future injuries

Our doctors structure this program over a period of time, taking into account each of the phases of post-operative recovery.

1. The Acute Phase

This phase starts immediately after the orthopedic surgery. The doctors’ goals are reducing pain and promoting healing. In this phase, you will be allowed to perform only very gentle exercises, testing the range of motions and trying to increase it in slow increments.

2. The Recovery Phase

The next phase of post-operative rehabilitation after orthopedic surgery starts a few weeks after the medical procedure. At this point, the surgical incision should be fully healed.

You are ready to start more intensive exercises, aimed to rebuild muscle strength and flexibility. At this point, our specialists will also teach you how to use any required assistive devices to protect the operated limb from excessive effort while walking.

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3. The Strengthening Phase

Once it is safe to move freely without assistive devices, the doctors at our Columbus spine and orthopedics clinic will move to the next phase: rebuilding strength and endurance.

Typical exercises involve weight training and using resistance bands for legs, arms, and torso exercises.

4. The Functional Restoration Phase

The last phase of post-surgery rehabilitation involves fine-tuning your body to return to your everyday life. Our doctors and physical therapists will evaluate your posture and balance.

We will recommend exercises you can continue doing at home even after you are fully recovered after the orthopedic surgery. These exercises will help you stay fit and reduce the risk of future accidents and injuries.

Why Undergo Rehabilitation after Surgery?

Many patients wonder if doing any kind of movement after surgery is a good idea. They have the traditional image of the patient resting in bed and waiting for their surgery to heal.

However, recent medical findings recommend a proactive approach. Instead of waiting to heal, patients are encouraged to promote healing through physical exercises and therapies adapted to each stage of recovery after surgery.

You need not worry that you risk a repeat injury. Our experienced team will monitor you closely and adapt the type and intensity of exercises to your body’s pace of healing after the surgery.

Let Us Help You With Post-Operative Rehabilitation!

Whether you choose to have surgery at our Columbus spine and orthopedics clinic or elsewhere, you can definitely rely on us for post-operative rehabilitation. We will evaluate your post-surgery condition carefully and develop a plan that promotes faster healing and pain management.

Our goal is to help you return to your life and work as soon as possible after surgery, free from the risk of incomplete healing and potential re-injury.

Do not prolong your recovery by taking no action. Contact us at 404-596-5670 to schedule an initial appointment and start a proactive healing program!

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