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"The Skill To Heal, The Heart To Care."

A. Jones

"Customer service was amazing everything went smoothly and efficiently. Nurses and Doctors answered all questions and concerns which was very reassuring."

Welcome Dr. Fernandez!

Welcome our newest Spine Surgeon, Dr. Laviel Fernandez, to Georgia Spine & Orthopaedics! Dr. Fernandez is fluent in English and Spanish and is based out of our Roswell, Marietta, and Atlanta Clinics. Click the button below to read more about Dr. Fernandez!

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Pain Management

Within the domain of pain management, our responsibility as medical providers is multifaceted. We specialize in devising holistic strategies to address pain, whether stemming from injuries like motor vehicle collisions or other sources. Incorporating advanced techniques, such as targeted injections, we strive to provide relief directly to affected areas. This integrative approach, coupled with patient education, empowers individuals to reclaim an active, fulfilling life, transcending the limitations of persistent pain.


As orthopedic providers, we are committed to addressing a spectrum of musculoskeletal concerns, including those arising from motor vehicle collisions. With a keen understanding of trauma's impact, we specialize in diagnosing and treating injuries such as fractures, dislocations, and soft tissue damage. Through a blend of advanced therapies, personalized treatment plans, and cutting-edge surgical techniques, we strive to relieve discomfort, rekindle movement, and enhance patients' quality of life. Our commitment to restoring strength and function drives our holistic orthopedic approach.


In the realm of neurology, our dedication extends to understanding the intricate interplay between the nervous system and traumatic events like motor vehicle collisions or work related injuries. Armed with expertise in neurotrauma, we employ specialized diagnostics to assess potential injuries caused by such incidents. Through tailored treatments, rehabilitation strategies, and compassionate care, we strive to aid recovery, mitigate long-term effects, and guide patients towards reclaiming their neurological well-being.

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