Debunking Myths about Orthopedic Surgery: Separating Fact from Fiction

In many situations, when the doctors at our Atlanta spine and orthopedic center tell a patient that they need surgery, the immediate reaction is negative. Most people are afraid of orthopedic surgery and look for any other method, including waiting for the injury to heal by itself. The reason for this reaction is often based on various myths about orthopedic surgery

Let us debunk them one by one in this article.

Myth 1: All You Need Is Bed Rest

Bed rest and immobilization are necessary to promote healing, but they do not replace a medical procedure to repair the damage to bones or ligaments. Without surgery, the injury may not heal properly, resulting in loss of strength and flexibility.

Also, without any rehabilitative care, involving physical therapy and various exercises, the muscles and ligaments may suffer atrophy. This leads to stiffness and loss of range of motion.

In reality, surgery and post-operative rehabilitation are essential for making a complete and speedy recovery, especially for professional athletes.

Myth 2: Orthopedic Surgery Is Painful

This myth has a sliver of truth in it. There is no surgery free of discomfort for patients. However, our doctors evaluate each patient carefully, including their level of pain tolerance, and allergies to anesthetic substances and painkillers.

This allows us to administer the right type of anesthesia during the surgery and then prescribe pain medication in the first days after the intervention. Also, through physical therapy and other procedures, we promote pain management and healing in a safe and non-invasive manner.

Myth 3: You Need to Stay a Long Time in Hospital after the Surgery

At our Atlanta spine and orthopedic clinic, we aim to shorten hospital stays as much as possible, without any risks for the patients. We will monitor you carefully after the surgery and analyze your post-operative evolution.

After one or two days, you may go home and start the rehabilitation program. However, if we believe that you are at risk of post-surgery complications, we may recommend a longer stay, either in our clinic or at another healthcare facility of your choice.

our experienced surgeons know how to resolve even severe injuries

Myth 4: I Am Too Old for Surgery

Many elderly patients are afraid of orthopedic surgery because they read that the risk outweighs the benefits. This used to be true decades ago when there were fewer options for anesthesia and post-surgical care.

At present, doctors, nurses, and anesthesia specialists know how to operate on elderly patients safely. You are not too old to regain the full use of your body and enjoy your life.

Myth 5: You Will Need Months to Get Back on Your Feet

This myth goes hand in hand with the one related to bed rest. Indeed, if you do nothing to resolve an injury, the recovery period is very long. Also, you may not heal completely or regain the full strength and function of the injured body part.

The focus of our team of orthopedic surgeons and rehabilitation specialists is to help you recover from the surgery as fast as possible, without compromising safety. Our post-operative recovery programs are tailored for each patient, taking into account their surgery, age, level of fitness, and other relevant factors.

Myth 6: Orthopedic Surgery Is Risky

The reality is that any medical procedure carries a certain risk, even a tooth filling. However, experienced doctors know how to minimize these risks. They rely on top-level medical equipment and use modern surgical techniques, which were developed specifically to reduce risk even for vulnerable patients.

At present, orthopedic surgery is one of the safest invasive medical procedures.

Stop Believing Myths, Talk about Your Worries with Our Experienced Doctors!

Making sure that our patients are safe and make a complete recovery is the top priority at our Atlanta spine and orthopedic clinic. We also take the time to talk to each patient to alleviate their fears.

Instead of wasting valuable time looking for answers online, contact us at 404-596-5670 and get your answers from an experienced doctor!

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