International Women’s Day – an occasion for celebration

A celebration such as the one of International Women’s Day is one we truly value here at Georgia Spine & Orthopaedics. Still, so many of us have yet to fully understand where this celebration stems from, and what it is all about. This celebration began in 1909 in honor of the bravery of garment workers in New York in 1908, which protested against inhumane working environments.

Since then, countries took note and began to designate a day to women.  It was in 1975, known as International Women’s Year, where the official day of celebration became March 8.

In our world of orthopedics, it may seem like unlikely for women to have a place to serve and lead. But, here in Georgia Spine & Orthopaedics, it is the female professionals who have made a difference in the culture of our organization. Now more than ever, women are taking the lead on many important roles and initiatives. They are showing the world that they too can lead, and lead well. So, we found it important to highlight some of our very own female leaders, especially on International Women’s Day.

The first woman we’d like to highlight is Tracey Reid, our Vice President of Business Development. She has been part of the family since 2018, but she has been serving the Georgia community for years, in different roles in the insurance industry.

“It’s funny; most people say I fell into the insurance world. I had one conversation in the ‘90s, and I fell in love with it because insurance is a way to truly help people and see the results. It’s an honor to be able to serve in the roles that I’ve been able to serve… I have a passion to do right by people and to help healthy adults live their best life. Each position has led to the next position.” -Tracey Reid 

It is with that same passion that expressed how she felt about women being empowered to lead both in their careers and family lives. She believes that women in power are natural. Women lead in their homes and with their children, and those are skills that easily translate to leadership in the workplace. Reid also believes women have the ability to choose and the autonomy to have as many roles as they desire.

Reid also shared that the reason she chose to be a part of the Georgia Spine Orthopaedics family was because of our culture. We have always valued family and see our employees as such. Reid has always chosen family first, so it was easy for her to connect to our culture. She saw that she would be able to continue to prioritize her family while succeeding in her role as Vice President.

The leaderships of Georgia Spine & Orthopaedics is comprised of unmatched talent, including amazing women who have shaped the culture and lead our team to win on a daily basis.

Then there’s Laurri Wallace, our COO. Like Reid, she has decided to take ownership of her impact here, and at home. Wallace leads her team with an open door policy and really cares for her everyone who she has the opportunity to work with. She’s an ambitious leader who believes she can create wins for the organization, both externally and for everyone involved. She is not just a leader, she also believes in being open and a servant leader.

Reid on Wallace: “She’s never too busy and always available to listen to people.”

Another woman empowered to live life fully, both in her professional and personal life, is Carolyn Jones. She plays an integral role as our Director of Finance. Reid describes her as someone who works from the heart. And we agree, she’s a true leader and someone who’s all about teamwork, and that’s reflected in her team. She’s in tune with the patients’ needs and works constantly on improving their experience. From the moment they first walk through our doors, up until they are discharged and the account is closed.

Reid shared gems of wisdom she believes any woman wanting to feel empowered and aspiring to end in a role like hers could use and should remember. Including that your personal brand includes your presentation. For her, it is actually such. Therefore, she believes that before looking to work at any company, women should make sure that their brand, and their presentation, is a great one, she also believes in being open and a servant leader. For her, great leaders are those who serve their teams, colleagues, and superiors well. For her, it is that willingness to serve that causes others to follow you.

“Keep your goals in front of you, we’re closer than we think we are. Treat everyone right… I’d just say never give up. If you have a vision to better yourself, stay focused. People will see that in you, they will collaborate with you, and will support you in your efforts to grow. And that’s in any position, and in any industry that you choose.” -Tracey Reid

On this International Women’s Day, we want to honor these amazing leaders who help shape the culture of Georgia Spine & Orthopaedics. They show, day in and day out, how an empowered female leader lives out her personal and professional life, and what impact she has in their community.

We thank our fearless leaders and every woman who makes this organization great and propels it forward. We commemorate you on this International Women’s Day! Thank you for serving our community, and being part of the family.

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